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At KAKURU Jewelry, we are passionate for our jewelry and we desire to share our creativity with you. We strive to accommodate our clients in every way possible, therefore please contact us with any enquiries at info@kakuru.gr or call us Monday through Friday from 10:00 – 17:00 (Eastern European Time) at +30 210 3315424.


  • General Information
  • kakuru.gr is a website and online store operated by the jewelry designer Garyfallia Kakourou under the distinctive title and registered trademark KAKURU, based in Athens, Greece, 24 Petraki Str., Syntagma 10563, T: +30 210 3315424, email: info[@]kakuru.gr, with VAT registration number 062322960 DOY A’ Athinon, GEMI number 143209302000 (hereinafter “KAKURU”).

    Using and browsing through the kakuru.gr and its online shop implies your prior unconditional acceptance of these terms of use. You are obliged to read these terms of use carefully. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please refrain from using our website and our services. Otherwise, you unreservedly agree with these terms and you undertake the obligation to comply with them. Any invalidity of any of these terms of use will not result in the invalidity of others as they will continue to be fully binding. Likewise, if any of these terms becomes legally void and inapplicable, it automatically ceases to apply, without undermining in any way, the validity of the other terms.

    In the event that the use of any service on kakuru.gr is governed by more specific terms and conditions of use, the specific terms will apply together with the present terms, except in the case of a conflict, in which the specific terms of each service will prevail.

    KAKURU reserves the right to modify and revise unilaterally these terms of use, without prior notice, in accordance with the law, business ethics and commercial practices. Any such modifications will not cover orders already complete and prepared.

    For any questions and clarifications regarding the online store kakuru.gr and these terms of use as well as any information regarding KAKURU and the products available for sale, please kindly contact KAKURU at the aforementioned contact details.


  • Right of Access and use
  • Visitors of kakuru.gr are granted a limited, non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable right of access and use on the available websites and the services provided by the site. The above right provides users solely with the absolutely necessary powers that facilitate the use of the services of kakuru.gr in accordance with these terms of use and the law and in a manner that does not interfere with its proper and smooth operation. The right of access does not cover browsing through pages or information that is not accessible to the average user, through the usual web-based navigation process.

    KAKURU is not responsible for any technical problems that may be encountered by users when attempting to access the site and during that time due to the operation or incompatibility of their own infrastructure.

    The right to access kakuru.gr and the use of its services is provided exclusively to adults with full legal capacity according to Greek law. Minors are not allowed to use the site and to enter into transactions with KAKURU. KAKURU is not responsible for any use of its services, by people who do not meet the above qualities, as it has no technical ability to control the identity of the users.

    KAKURU reserves the right to discontinue the operation of its e-shop or to transfer it to another web address, without prior notice, solely by updating this website. Such discontinuance will not cover orders already complete and prepared.


  • Provided information and product
  • The content (e.g. designs, information, names, pictures, illustrations, etc.), the products and services provided by the online store kakuru.gr are available from KAKURU “as they are”. KAKURU continuously tries to ensure the accuracy, the correctness and the completeness of the information contained on the website kakuru.gr, both in terms of the essential characteristics of the products and their correct description, as well as of the accuracy of the data concerned relating to the services provided through its e-shop.

    Nevertheless, KAKURU is not bound by or liable in any way whatsoever for any technical or typographical errors due to incorrect display of the products due to the user’s equipment or due to inaccurate information or due to any violation of the security of the site, unfair third-party actions or cases of force majeure.

    Any links to other websites allow users to leave kakuru.gr in order to navigate to these third-party websites to which the links refer. KAKURU is not related in any way to the websites referenced in its website links, nor does it control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of these services. These links are provided solely for the facilitation of browsing through kakuru.gr by its users and in any case, they do not indicate the approval of the websites to which they refer by KAKURU, for the content and services of which KAKURU bears no responsibility.


  • User obligations
  • Browsing through kakuru.gr and using its services is permitted only for the purposes intended by KAKURU, that is to say, for the smooth operation of KAKURU’s online store and for the display and distribution of its jewelry products. Any use of the site should be in accordance with the law and these terms of use and should not restrict or impede the use of this site by third parties or its normal exploitation by KAKURU. Every user of kakuru.gr must not commit any acts or omissions that may cause harm, malfunction or any risk to the site and the services provided to users through it.


  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights
  • kakuru.gr is the official online store of KAKURU. Any trademark, design or any other distinctive sign or feature on this website is a registered KAKURU’s intellectual property asset protected by law. Likewise, KAKURU is the legitimate owner of the domain name kakuru.gr, where the site and its online store are hosted. KAKURU’s website as a whole, as well as any content thereof, including but not limited to designs, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, provided services, electronic files, other than individual content, relating to available products and services of third parties, distinguished by their trademarks and distinctive signs, as well as the overall configuration of all the above elements and their formatting are intellectual property assets of KAKURU. It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, republish, store, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, perform, download, translate, modify in any way, in whole or in part all the aforementioned intellectual property assets, without the prior written consent of KAKURU. The above prohibition does not cover any temporary automated reproduction performed during the user’s navigation through kakuru.gr or any copies of the aforementioned elements sent to the user by KAKURU within the essential process of ordering KAKURU’s products, provided that the user does not reproduce, distribute, publicly disclose or otherwise use them, nor modifies them in any way while always maintaining intact all the respective notices and disclosures regarding KAKURU’s intellectual or other proprietary rights. Disclosure and publication of the aforementioned legally protected elements on kakuru.gr does not in any way imply the grant of a license or the transfer of the right to use them, nor should it be interpreted by the user as such.


  • Purchase of products
  • Adults with full legal capacity according to Greek law can remotely order and purchase KAKURU’s products through the online store kakuru.gr. Solely for the purposes of the completion of their orders users will be asked to fill in the necessary details in the relevant order form.

    In order to inform the consumer prior to the conclusion of the contract according to par. 2 of article 4 of Law 2251/1994, KAKURU’s order form refers to: (a) the identity and the address of the supplier, (b) the essential characteristics of the product, (c) the price, the quantity and the cost of transportation of the products, as well as the value added tax (VAT), if not included in the price, (d) the method of payment, delivery and execution of the order, (e) the time-frame within which the disclosed offer or price is valid (in cases of special and limited offers) and (f) the right of withdrawal.

    Having taken into consideration all the aforementioned information, users can confirm the accuracy of their orders and following confirmation that they have read and accepted these terms of use they can place their orders to kakuru.gr electronically, by ticking the relevant option available on the order form.

    Following the electronic placement of their orders to kakuru.gr, users shall receive via e-mail, a confirmation of the receipt of their order by KAKURU and a copy thereof which they can store or print that in addition to the above (a-f) information, includes further information regarding: (g) the name and the address of KAKURU’s most easily accessible store for the consumer, (h) the method of payment, including any credit or installment payment terms and any collateral terms, (i) the terms and the way of exercising their right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 of Article 4 of Law 2251/1994 and a separate, electronic, template of a statement of withdrawal (which is also always available here) and (j) information on after-sales service and existing commercial guarantees. A document containing all of the aforementioned information, together with a separate printed version of the withdrawal statement, is conveyed to the consumer together with the ordered products within their packaging.

    For purchases to be paid by a deposit in KAKURU’s bank account, in order to complete the order, the user must send a copy of the payment of the order to KAKURU by email info@kakuru.gr, within three working days following the receipt of the order, otherwise the order will be canceled automatically and will not be processed. The order reference number has to be mentioned in the bank wire transfer form. If the funds are not credited into KAKURU bank account within seven (7) working days after the order has placed, this order will be cancelled. KAKURU will not charge a fee for paying by bank wire transfer, but some financial institutions may charge a fee, therefore, please ensure that the full amount mentioned in the acknowledgment of order will be received. All bank wire transfer orders are not confirmed until a confirmation of order email is provided to the customer.


  • Availability of the products
  • Users of kakuru.gr are informed about the availability of the products through the relevant word and visual indications that can be found near products’ pictures. As regards products’ availability, there are three different word and visual respective indications:

    1. Available
    2. Available upon request
    3. Not Available

    Taking into consideration that processing the orders and checking the availability of the products cannot always be carried out automatically and in live time, but only after a physical check of the stocks during working hours and days (except Saturdays and Sundays), KAKURU cannot always guarantee the actual availability of the products. However, KAKURU guarantees that it will inform consumers regarding the unavailability of the products in a timely manner, according to principles of good faith.

    Products that are available upon request will be processed the following business day of your order. Depending on the product, it could take 7 business days to produce. For this reason, consumers are advised to contact KAKURU at info@kakuru.gr to obtain more information about their actual availability and delivery time before completing the order of products labeled “Available upon request”.

    In the event that the ordered products are not available at the time of the order and cannot become available again in reasonable time, KAKURU reserves the right not to accept the order, informing the consumer in a timely manner. Any payments will be returned to the consumer in the same way that they were made, while pending payment orders will be canceled without undue delay.


  • Payment
  • All prices of the products at kakuru.gr are shown in euro (€) and include the applicable VAT (24%). Transactions worth over 500€ may not be carried out in cash and must be made either by bank deposit or by credit card. For these cases, consumers cannot choose a cash payment.

    KAKURU accepts the following payment methods:


    1. Credit card Accepted credit cards by KAKURU: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Dinners, UnionPay
    2. Pay Pal
    3. IRIS online payments
    4. Klarna for online purchases


  • Delivery of the products
  • Orders are processed within the following business day (except Saturdays and Sundays), when received by KAKURU.

    If the ordered products are available, subject to the provisions set out above, and the order is placed Monday through Friday before 2:00 pm (EET) they are delivered to the postal services for shipment within the same working day (except Saturdays and Sundays) from the completion of their processing.

    For order within Greece, depending on the delivery address, items will be dispatched through ELTA (Greek Postal Service) or courier service, under the conditions governing the operation of the service.

    For international orders, items will be dispatched through UPS service of Greece or other corresponding courier service, under the conditions governing the operation of the service. For few countries, like Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Malta and the UK, the items will be dispatched through ELTA (Greek Postal Service).

    Shipping costs are calculated dependent on the place of delivery, the volume and the weight of the order and are automatically completed on the order form filled by the user, and are defined as follows:

    • Free shipping for all orders within Greece. Orders that ship within the Attica prefecture have an estimated delivery period of 1-2 business days. For all the other destinations within Greece the estimated delivery period is 1-4 business days. Customers based in Athens, Greece, can also collect their order from our store at 24 Petraki Str., Syntagma 10563.
    • Free shipping for orders over 100€ within EU with an estimated delivery period of 4-5 business days. For orders below this amount the shipping cost will be 15-20€, depending on the destination.
    • Free shipping on orders over 250€ to the rest of the world with an estimated delivery period of 2-3 business days. For orders below this amount the shipping cost will be 20–25€, depending the destination. For orders to the United Kingdom customers can choose to ship via the Hellenic Postal Service (ELTA) with a 10€ shipping cost (5-6 business days).

    Please note that if a product is backordered, 7 business days are required for the production process.

    KAKURU is liable only for gross negligence and willful misconduct in the event of delay in the delivery of the ordered products.

    For products that are available upon request could take 7 business days to produce and then the order will be dispatched according to the shipment choice of the customer.

    For rush orders, please contact customer service at +30 210 33 15 424 Monday through Friday from 10:00 – 17:00 (EET).

    All orders require a signature upon delivery.


  •   Right of withdrawal/return policy and Repairs
  • For each purchase made through KAKURU’s online store, consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase free of charge within fourteen (14) calendar days. Returning products must be in their original intact condition with all tags still attached and in their original packaging. Please note that pierced earrings including earrings pendants must be unworn for reasons of hygiene and safety. The aforementioned time limit starts from the receipt of the products. Shipping fees and insurance are the responsibility of the consumer.

    In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, consumers must complete and send to KAKURU, along with the returning product in its original package, the special withdrawal form which is always available here, or send it via email at info@kakuru.gr. In the event of exercising their right of withdrawal, consumers are required to return the product in its sealed original packaging to KAKURU and the latter is obliged to refund the amounts paid by them within thirty (30) days in the same way they were paid. In any case, in order to better serve and arrange refunds faster, consumers are kindly advised to contact KAKURU prior to exercising their right of withdrawal in order to inform KAKURU of their intention to do so. The package must be accompanied by the original receipt or invoice of purchase.

    If the return of a product takes place due to a KAKURU’s unintended mistake regarding which the consumer has notified KAKURU without delay in order for the latter to be able to ascertain it, the cost of the return and the delivery of the correct product is borne by KAKURU. In that case and in order for KAKURU to bear the shipping cost, the user should contact KAKURU via info@kakuru.gr in order to receive instructions on how to return the product to KAKURU and for the latter to be able to make the technical and accounting arrangements for bearing the respective costs.

    KAKURU jewelry is made with passion, inspiration, great care and attention to detail. Every KAKURU jewelry is aimed to maintain its highest quality. If KAKURU jewelry needs repair, please contact KAKURU at info@kakuru.gr. Include name, address, phone number, email address, the jewel code (if it is available) and note the reason for repair.

    All returns/repairs must be addressed to
    24 Petraki Str., Syntagma 10563, Athens, Greece
    T: +30 210 3315424


  •   Newsletter
  • Through kakuru.gr users have the choice of registering their email address in order to receive a newsletter about new products, limited offers and other information in relation to KAKURU’s activities. In order to subscribe to the newsletter, KAKURU will only ask users to submit their email address and solely for the aforementioned purposes without requiring any further information such as name or address and without being able to associate the registered email addresses with the users. E-mail addresses submitted to KAKURU for this purpose are not used for any other purpose or disclosed to third parties. KAKURU will always send its informative e-mails according to the provisions of Law 3471/2006 while users are always provided with the opportunity to interrupt this correspondence at any time.


  •   Personal Data Protection Policy
  • In order to browse through kakuru.gr no user registration or registration of personal information is required.

    When ordering products through kakuru.gr users are asked to enter the following personal data concerning solely themselves: name, telephone, fax, e-mail and postal address. The aforementioned information, which is not disclosed to third parties, is limited to the amount of information that is absolutely necessary for the provision of KAKURU’s services and for the prompt delivery of its products and is used by KAKURU exclusively for this purpose in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 as they apply every time.

    As regards purchases made by credit card payment, details of users’ credit cards are filled in directly to a secure banking institution link and are not registered or stored in any way.

    The person responsible for processing the personal data gathered in the above manner and for maintaining the archive held for the aforementioned purposes is the owner of KAKURU, i.e. Garyfallia Kakourou, whose contact details are mentioned in the beginning of these Terms of Use.

    Users of kakuru.gr, according to Law 2472/1997, have the following rights:

    1. Right to Information

    The controller, when collecting personal data shall inform users in an appropriate and clear manner at least about the following:

    1. His/her identity and the identity of his/her representative
    2. The purpose of the processing
    3. Recipients or categories of recipients of the data
    4. The existence of the right of access
    1. Right of Access

    Every user has the right to be informed in writing if the personal data concerning him / her are being processed or have been processed and to obtain from the controller, without delay and in a clear and understandable way, the following information:

    1. All the personal data concerning him/her and their origin.
    2. The purposes of the processing, recipients or categories of recipients
    3. The progress of the processing for the period since the former update or the disclosure of information.
    4. The scope and the logic of any automated processing of personal data.
    5. Where appropriate, the correction, deletion or blocking of data, the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of Law 2472/1997, in particular due to the incomplete or inaccurate nature of the data
    6. Notification to third parties to whom the data have been disclosed of any correction, erasure or blocking (s) performed in accordance with para. (v) if this is not impossible or does not involve disproportionate efforts.

    The right of access can be exercised by the data subject and with the assistance of a professional.

    The right of access as well as the right of opposition shall be exercised by submitting the relevant application to the controller and at the same time by payment of an amount of money, as settled by the relevant decision of the Greek Data Protection Authority. This amount shall be reimbursed to the applicant if the request for correction or deletion of the data is found to be valid either by the controller or by the Authority in case the subject had filed an appeal. In this case, the person responsible for the subject’s personal data shall be required to provide the applicant without delay, free of charge and in a comprehensible language, with a copy of the corrected part of the data processing that concerns him/her.

    If the controller does not respond within fifteen (15) days or if his response is unsatisfactory, the data subject is entitled to appeal to the Authority. In the event that the controller refuses to meet the request of the interested party, he shall communicate his reply to the Authority and inform the person concerned that he or she may appeal to the Authority.

    1. Right of Objection

    The data subject may at any time object to the processing of data relating to him/her. Objections are addressed in writing to the controller and must contain a request for carrying out a specific action, such as correction, temporary non-utilization, commitment, non-transmission or deletion. The controller has the obligation to respond in writing to the objections within a fifteen (15) days’ exclusive deadline. Within this reply, he/she shall inform the data subject of the action he/she has taken or, where appropriate, of the reasons for not responding to the request. The response in case of rejecting an objection must also be notified to the Authority.

    If the controller does not respond within the time-limit or his response is unsatisfactory, the data subject shall have the right to appeal to the Authority and request that his/her objections be examined. If the Authority suspects that the objections are reasonable and there is a risk of serious harm to the subject from the continuation of the processing, it may require the immediate suspension of processing until it has taken a final decision on the objections.

    Everyone has the right to declare to the Authority that he/she desires his/her personal data not to be processed by anyone, for the purpose of promoting the sale of goods or the provision of services from a distance. The Authority keeps a record of the identity of these persons. The controllers of the respective archives are required to consult the registry before each processing and to delete the persons in this registry from their records.

    Adherence to the aforementioned procedure which is prescribed by law, is a prerequisite for taking any further action before any public or judicial authority on issues related to the protection of users’ personal data.


  •   Management of Complaints
  • For any problem or complaint that may arise with regard to the use of the kakuru.gr website or the services provided by it as well as for any other matter concerning KAKURU, consumers may contact KAKURU at working hours and days (except Saturdays and Sundays), in the above contact details, for the immediate settlement such problem or complaint.


  •   Applicable law and competence
  • For any dispute arising from the use of kakuru.gr and the services provided through it, applicable is the Greek law and the courts of Athens, Greece are competent.