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1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

And so it was that our short journey of the past few years brought us a long way – through all the difficulties, stresses and fears it entailed – to this moment: the recognition of our brand! 

On Wednesday, 22 June 2022, we joined the Athens Traders Association, students and representatives from the Athens University of Economics at the Roman Agora, for an event dedicated to “Commerce – Education – Culture”.

The event was held as part of a joint project between the Athens Traders Association and the Athens University of Economics to connect academic knowledge and research to real-life economy and commerce. This coincided with a presentation of a study of land uses within the Athens Commercial Triangle, based on recording all ground-floor commercial premises in the area, as well as the First “Physical & Online Store Customer Experience” Competition, which was launched in order to showcase the best consumer-centered businesses, which provide an excellent experience to their clients through their physical and digital stores. The competition is an evolution of the institution of recognizing the best storefront in Athens, adapted to the new age, where the physical and digital customer experience coexist side by side.

Prizes were awarded to stores that distinguished themselves within each category (physical store customer experience and e-shop customer experience), and the event highlighted the importance of an omni-channel sales strategy, incorporating both physical and online stores, and the necessity for businesses to upgrade their digital infrastructure to transition successfully into the digital era. The stores were evaluated, in the first instance, by final year students of the Athens University of Economics. 

Our brand was honored as the “Best Omni channel store”, and our special thanks are due to the students and the committee. I will never stop being thankful, from the bottom of my heart, to our team, both within and outside the store/workshop, for giving their all through the years so that I can continue to dream.

I hope that the Athens Traders Association, in partnership with the Municipality of Athens, will find ways to promote the work of small businesses and designers and, most importantly, of women working in typically male-dominated fields. It is my wish that they will support and believe in the creative crop of this country, who, through the successive challenges they face, put all of their love and strength into radiating culture outwards, and have the energy and passion to create remarkable products and services.



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