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Musician Dim Vach writes a piece of music for KAKURU Jewelry

Musician Dim Vach writes a piece of music for KAKURU Jewelry

The Spartan origin, their artistic nature and the fact that they draw inspiration from the natural environment and human relationships are some of the elements that connect the musician Dimitris Vachaviolos (known as Dim Vach) with the jewelry designer Elina Kakourou.

Dim Vach when he was young found his grandmother's bouzouki and started experimenting until he asked his parents to enroll him in a conservatory. He followed music studies, studies in space acoustics and acoustic design.

His music has elements of electronic, ethnic, experimental and house music. He has collaborated with many artists, including Anduze, Nomi Ruiz, Anna Tarba, the Sugar House Project and others. He participates with original tracks in the collections of Buddha Bar while he has also written music for movies.


How did two classmates from Sparta become artistic collaborators?

Dim Vach: The first collaboration with Elina and the brand KAKURU took place about two years ago when I was teaching at the music school of Chios. There, drawing inspiration from the tradition of the island of Chios in mythical creatures, I wrote the piece "Oceanides", which according to Greek mythology are the nymphs of the sea, protectors of the waters. When I decided to visualize this music through a video clip, I immediately thought of Elina and suggested that we work together. I had seen then the collection of "Enosis" which has as raw materials olive wood and stones (krokeatis lithos and red marble) and I thought that stylistically these jewels would fit very well with the concept of the nymphs and the natural environment of the island of Chios.

Elina: Personally, in order to work with someone, I must first of all appreciate his character and personality. It is very important for me to connect with the person and his energy because otherwise the collaboration cannot proceed. I have this connection with Dim Vach and in addition, I believe that he is very talented and I like his work a lot. That's why I was very happy to take part in this video clip. Also, we recently collaborated for the second time on a video that we are creating with the photographer Panos Georgiou, in order to introduce our workshop, the process of working with metals, wood, stones, and the overall production of our jewelry.

Dim Vach: And this collaboration was a very beautiful experience for me. I first contacted Panos and immediately realized that we had a common way of thinking and ideas for this project. Then I visited the workshop of the brand KAKURU Jewelry in the center of Athens and recorded the soundscape and the sounds produced during the jewelry production process. The sound of stone, wood, wheel and flame, are the main components of the musical composition that will be the background of  the video.

Εnjoy the music that Dim Vach wrote for us.

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